Quilting Notions

Quilting Notions
Quilting Notions

One of the most common questions beginning Texas Hill Country Quilters ask is “What are quilting notions?” Notions are simply tools quilters use to simplify quilting and produce higher quality quilts.  The term quilting notions dates back to the 18th century where they were commonly included such things as stencils, pins, needles, and other equipment.  They were commonly referred to as “Yankee Notions” back then, and were one of the first exports made in America and sold overseas.  Today, notions include all of these items, as well and any of the small tools used by quilters.  We have a wide selection of quilting notions available for demonstration and sale.  Come by our shop, or come see us at one of our Texas Quilt Shows and let us find the right notion for you.


Commonly Used Quilting Notions

  • Scissors and shears;
  • Quilting frames (commonly in the shapes of hoops, squares, or circular);
  • Appliques;
  • Specialty markers used to trace patterns on fabric;
  • A wide assortment of needles in varying degree of lengths and thicknesses;
  • Batting;
  • Binding Tools;
  • Specialty Irons;
  • and much, much more.

If you need help finding the right notion for your needs, come by and see us at the store, or at one of the many shows we attend each year.  We will be happy to help you find the quilting notions or tools to make your tasks easier, and your results more seamless and professional.

There are different quilting notions that work better with certain quilting fabrics than others.  We can help you select the right notion for the fabric you intend to use on your quilting project.  Come by our store, or come visit us at one of our Texas Quilt Shows and let us show you how our quilting notions can speed up your work, and give you a better end result.